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Nusle is a graphic studio focused primarily on corporate identity and book design. We are from Prague. 

Nusle is an independent design studio, focused on product & identity, books & print design, web & digital, infographics & illustration, and publishing. We've partnered with artists, nonprofits, and creative businesses. Based in Prague, Czech Republic.


Michal Rydval (1973) graphic designer, publisher, publicist and editor. Together with Erik Lukavský, he founded the publishing house and café Fra  (2002 and 2005), with Kateřina Přidalová editing  (2013), an internet portal for visual reflection and design. Designer at Studio Nusle. Design eg for the publishing house Arbor vitae, Argo, Aurora, Brody, Dauphin, Dharmagaia, Fra, Grada, Grapheon, Maxima, Portal, Torst, Triáda, Sony music, gallery Národní galerie v Praze, GHMP, Galerie Klatovy / Klenová, Inter- Kontak-Grafik, Technical Museum of the Czech Republic, City Hall Archive of Prague. Czech Grand Design Award (nomination), The Most Beautiful Book of the Czech Republic, Photographic Publication of the Year, Top Wine Design of the Czech Republic. He has three children and lives in Prague.

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Martin Kubát (1981) grew up in northern Bohemia, in the family of a father trained in porcelain painting, who is also a lifelong painter of hyperbaroque acts, in the family of a mother, a chemical laboratory assistant, very manually skilled and imaginative, alongside a sister, gifted to seeing fantasy and humorous worlds. , who became an animator. He graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. From his author's books, let's name Monster Diseases , Tot McDie , Moths , Trip , It's Evening, Release the Devil! (The most beautiful book of the year in the Czech Republic, Fra 2009), Before midnight (Arbor vitae 2014), Čistka (The most beautiful book of the year in the Czech Republic, Fra 2013). He collaborates with the cultural fortnightly A2 and the publishing house and café Fra .


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